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Here Is Why lottery Is Not An Investment!

That should be clear but your chances of winning the lottery are so slim that it’s statistically negligible. In other words, what you are really doing is paying an extra tax to the government. I am pretty sure you will agree that they have enough of our money already, don’t they?

The Big Question: What Are The Odds?

Thin, extremely thin. Let us compare the two big ones!

Lotto 6/49: 1/13 983 816 for 3$ play
Lotto Max: 1/28 633 528 for 5$ play

Odds are sort of the same per dollar not considering external prices like max millions and stuff like that.

Let’s say we consider 26 max millions which adds up to the number 1/28 633 528 to make is 27/28 633 528 or 1/1 060 501.04 chances to win a price high enough to be considered. That, every time you play or it can be less because sometimes there are less max millions.

Let’s Build Something Interesting!

I created an application just to show you, in practice, how much it would cost and how many years it would take to get a considerable price. I am taking into account that there are 26 max millions every draw which is not the case.

Lottery Simulator

As you can see I ran the thing a few times to show that it might take a couple lifetimes before you win! I hope you are going to live old enough to see you grand child fail to win the lottery as well!

I admit that my application does not consider other winning prices that might give you free tickets or 5-10$ useless candies so you continue giving them your hard earned money.

Solution To The Problem?

Stop buying into this scam. Let’s see what you could have won instead of throwing your money by the window! For that I will ask my dear investment calculator friend.

Lottery Investment

Oh dear! I swear I just saw your child’s tuition or maybe that new car you want so badly go away. Why not win all this stuff by not putting your money in the lottery pit and by investing instead. I cannot guarantee the rate of return but you can be sure the odds cannot be less in your favor than buying lottery tickets.

That’s just five dollars a week, imagine doubling that amount and we’re around 40000$ after 30 years, and that’s just for your lottery ticket. We’re talking about 5 to 10$ a week which is absolutely nothing in what you earn every month even if you are close to the minimum wage.

Disclaimer: I in fact cannot guarantee the rate of return in this post, but just use your judgment to see that lottery doesn’t make sense at all. You work hard for your money, keep it for you and use it to live. There is no such thing as money earned without working for it.

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